SCML 2020 League
One of the ANAC 2020 Competition Leagues
Qualifications round for SCML 2020 was concluded. The list of qualified agents can be found here. The final results of SCML2020 will be announced at the ANAC session of IJCAI 2020.

You can now access the code and report of all agents submitted to SCML2020 (including qualified agents here)

NEWS: 2020/07/14 (9 Hours extension) Due to a server glitch, submission was closed on the website for 9 hours today. To compensate we are extending the deadline by 9 hours 10 minutes.

Submission will stop exactly at July 15th 2020 9:10:00AM UTC-12. Please do not wait for the last minute.

NEWS: 2020/07/08 (Final Online Tournaments) We are finally here. The last online tournaments were conducted as planned on 2020/07/07. Only two configurations were used for these tournaments so the ranking you see here may not reflect the ranking of agents in the qualifications and finals. Please keep the good work. The deadline for submission is July 14th anywhere on earth. We may contact you if we notice any exceptions are being thrown by your agent in our background tests. Please be sure to submit your report before the deadline.

You may have noticed a drop in the scores of all agents starting July second when builtin agents stopped being around in most simulations. The organization committee may introduce new agents in the qualifications and finals to avoid market blockage.

NEWS: 2020/07/05 (Final Data Release) Today we release the final dataset containing anonymized records of world simulations conducted during the SCML live competition. This dataset contains more than 24K simulations with more than 5M contracts. This dataset can be found here
NEWS: 2020/07/02 (Bug Fix) A bug was discovered that caused all factories to have an effective production cost of zero independent of the cost in the profile. This bug was fixed in version 0.3.0 of the SCML repository. Please make sure to use this version in your development to match the behavior of the simulation environment in the official competition. We sincerely apologize for this bug.
NEWS: 2020/06/06 (Data Release)

The SCML Organization Committee noticed that several participants utilize machine learning techniques for generating their trading strategy and/or negotiation strategy. Effective use of ML techniques usually requires training data that is hard to collect for participants. Today, we release anonymized logs from some of the world simulations conducted so far in the live competition hoping that this dataset can help strengthen submissions. This data can be found here. The full description of the data is included in the data archive.

Another anonymized data release is scheduled around 2020/7/4 (almost ten days before the final deadline). Note that it will not be possible to know whether a log in this later release belongs to a simulation that was conducted before or after the current release and the two datasets may have substantial overlap. This is to ensure that there is not practical way to link agents in the released data to specific teams/submitted agents. You can check other anonymity measures in the description provided as part of the data archive.

Please note though that agent behavior during the final competition is likely to deviate from the behaviors found in these logs.

NEWS: 2020/05/31 (COVID-19 Update and Deadline Extension)

In light of the postponement of IJCAI2020 to Januray 2021, the final results of the SCM league will be announced with the rest of ANAC 2020 at IJCAI. Because of this postponement and based on numerous requests, we decided to extend the deadline for submission to July 14th, 2020 with the deadline of initial submission extended to July 1st, 2020.

Moreover, A select number of finalists will be invited to publish their agent descriptions in the Journal Knowledge Engineering Review. We aim to provide student support to travel to IJCAI.

NEWS: 2020/04/23 We added a new tutorial with some ideas to develop your agent here
NEWS: 2020/04/14 Given the COVID-19 situation, the deadlines for the league have been extended (see the dates section). Final submission date is July 14th, 2020
NEWS: 2020/04/03 New Tutorial were added at Video Tutorials describing basic negotiator and controller types in negmas
NEWS: 2020/03/20 New Tutorials were added at Video Tutorials describing simulation steps and agent callbacks and component based development

This is the home of the Supply Chain Management League one of ANAC 2020 leagues @ IJCAI-PRICAI 2020.

The main motivation behind the SCM league is to increase the relevance of autonomous negotiation research by focusing on real-world scenarios that are characterized by situated negotiations, and complex dynamic utility functions.

The agent needs not only decide how to negotiate in a predefined single negotiation session, but when to join negotiations, and how to coordinate the behavior of its negotiators across multiple concurrent negotiations.

It is highly recommended to register your interest in the league by registering to this website by June 15th (No need to upload an agent by that time). It is mandatory to upload a preliminary version of the agent by July 1st.

Please note that the score on the live-competition will not impact in any way your final score in the official competition to be announced at IJCAI_PRICAI 2020.

The live competition is run using fewer configurations than the official competition to facilitate faster feedback when submitting new agents. This may lead to different results in the official competition.

Leader Board (Standard)

Based on the tournament run on 2020-07-09 05:32:59 UTC.

# Agent Score
1 SteadyMgr 2,163
2 MontyHallv23 1,392
3 MMM 1,003
4 Agent15Fork 755
5 SavingAgent 717
6 Agent30 529
7 THBiuAgent 468
8 UEYBIU 360
10 GreedyFactoryManager2 277
11 Ashgent 213
12 Merchant 5
13 CrescentAgent 0
14 Whagent 0
15 jamesbond 0
16 Aryabhata 0
17 BeerAgent 0
18 Decentralizing Agent -15
19 Agent32 -104
20 DoSomething -930
21 ASMASH -1,459
22 MercuAgent -2,372

Leader Board (Collusion)

Based on the tournament run on 2020-07-09 05:42:47 UTC.

# Team/Agent Score
1 MMM 444
2 Merchant 3
3 MontyHallv23 0
4 SteadyMgr 0
5 CrescentAgent 0
7 Whagent 0
8 Aryabhata 0
9 BeerAgent 0
10 Agent30 -1
11 GreedyFactoryManager2 -89
12 Agent15Fork -193
13 SavingAgent -218
14 THBiuAgent -256
15 Decentralizing Agent -366
16 BIUDODY -396
17 Agent32 -414
18 jamesbond -569
19 Ashgent -715
20 DoSomething -762
21 ASMASH -1,104
22 MercuAgent -1,146


Important Dates

Registration (Optional)June 15th
Preliminary Submission July 1st
Last Online Tournament July 7th
Final SubmissionJuly 14th
Finalist AnnouncementAugust 30
Winner AnnouncementJanuary 2021


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