ANL 2024
Part of the ANAC 2024 Competition @ AAMAS 2024, Auckland

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  • 2024.04.07 Application for scholarships to attend the ANAC session at AAMAS extended. If you would like to apply, please fill this application form by April 20th
  • 2024.04.07 Submissions to the official competition are REQUIRED to have a pinned requirements file that can be used to reproduce the same behavior of the agent in the future. You can get this file by running "pip freeze" in your environemnt. Moreover, you are now required to register the exact python version (i.e. output of "python --version") when submitting your agent. Please be sure to submit this file with the academic report by April 16th.
  • 2024.04.04 To unify the development environment, we recommend using python 3.11.8 and insalling the pinned library versions in this requirements file using "pip install -U -r requirements.txt" specially if you are using scikit-learn, tensorflow, pytorch, or pickle.
  • 2024.03.31 You can now have multiple active agents (one per track). For example, you can use the same account to submit up to three agents, one for each track. Check the 'Submissions' tab in your home page for all your submissions and easily toggle the active agent per track. Only active agents are allowed into the competition.
  • 2024.03.28 Application for scholarships to attend the ANAC session at AAMAS is now open. If you would like to apply, please fill this application form by April 7th
  • 2024.03.26 As we are approaching the official competition, we will be running tournaments in a more predictable schedule to provide timely feedback to participants. A tournament will only be run if at least one new agent or one code modification is submitted. Once such a submission is made, a tournament will start within 2-4hours and the results will be reported once avaialble to the leaderboard.
  • 2024.03.25 We added feedback about exceptions thrown by agents during tournaments. To check for these exceptions, goto the leaderboard and press the "History" button. This will open a list of the last 10 tournaments run for this track. The number of exceptions thrown during the tournament are shown in the table. Press the "Details" button to see the details of a specific tournament. In the list showing the rank of agents in this tournaments, you can see the number of exceptions thrown by every agent. If the number of exceptions for your agent is nonzero, press it and you will get a list of tracebacks of these exceptions.
  • 2024.03.23 Due to multiple requests, submission deadline was extended to April 14th AoE
  • 2023.11.29 This landing page is created.

This is the home of the Automated Negotiations League (ANL) one of ANAC 2024 leagues

The Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC) is an international tournament that has been running since 2010 to bring together researchers from the negotiation community. The main motivation behind the Automated Negotiation League (ANL) is to explore the strategies and difficulties in creating efficient agents whose primary purpose is to negotiate with other agent's strategies. On this page, you can find anything you need to participate with your own designed agent in this league. This year, the challenge is to design a bilateral negotiation agent that has access to its own utility and its opponents utility, but not its opponent's reservation value.

Getting started

  • Check the call for participation here, and decide to join the league!
  • If you are not registered yet, do so here to receive updates and later submit your agent.
  • Check the detailed description for the rules and requirements and a start-up guide.
  • Next, check the tutorials, and the general NegMAS documentation.
  • Next, download the ANL template, if you have not yet done so, and test it. You will find a description on how to do that in the README as well as the docstring on top of in the skeleton.
  • Good luck with designing and building your agent! If there are any questions, get into contact with us via e-mail.

Changes from ANL 2023

Apart from a new challenge, the competition runs on NegMAS this year. All submissions are expected in Python. If you wish to submit in Java instead, please contact the organizers.



Important Dates (GMT)

Travel SupportApril 20th
Final SubmissionApril 14th
Report SubmissionApril 16th
Finalist AnnouncementApril 17th
Winner AnnouncementMay 8th

Statistics (2024)

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