SCML 2023 League
One of the ANAC 2023 Competition Leagues (@ AAMAS 2023)

SCML 2023 Final Results

Oneshot Track

# AgentTeam InstituteScore WinningsLinks
1 QuantityOrientedAgent Pedro Hrosz Turini and Jaime Sichman University of Sao Paulo 10835 700€ Video, Slides Poster, Paper Code
2 CCAgent Shota Kimata and Yuko Sakurai Nagoya Institute of Technology 10645 500€ Video, Slides Poster Paper Code
3 KanbeAgent Masato Kijima Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 10522 300€ Video, Slides Poster, Paper Code

Standard Track

# AgentTeam InstituteScore WinningsLinks
1 AgentSDH Atsunaga Sadahiro Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 173 700€ Video, Slides Poster, Paper Code

Collusion Track

# AgentTeam InstituteScore WinningsLinks
M5 Kazuki Komori Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 29 300€ Video, Slides
The qualification round of SCML 2023 is concluded. We received 25 submissions from 6 countries. Seventeen of these were qualified to enter the official competition. These are the results of the qualifications round (order of agents is random in this table does not reflect the scores of agents). Our congratulations for the finalists.
#Team Leader Team Name Agent Name Is OneShot? Disqualified Finalist
1Kazuki Komori Team May M5 no no no
2Ito Nobuhiro Team 137 Lobster no no no
3Ryoga Miyajima Team 140 Agent VSC no no yes
4Atsunaga Sadahiro Team 150 AgentSDH no no yes
5 Takumu Shimizu Team 102 RLAgent yes no yes
6 Shiraz Nave Team 126 AgentSAS yes no yes
7 Amit Dayan Team 127 PHLA yes no yes
8 Masato Kijima Team 143 KanbeAgent yes no yes
9Shota Kimata Team 144 CCAgent yes no yes
10Einav Shen Team 145 ForestAgent yes no yes
11Pedro Hrosz Turini Team Poli-USP QuantityOrientedAgent yes no yes
12Michal Rahimi Team 151 NegoAgent yes no yes
13Ryota Arakawa Team 123 AgentNeko23 yes no no
14Chris Mascioli Team 134 MatchingAgent yes no no
15JunJie Jordi Chen Team 139 TwoOneFive yes no no
16Ryoga Miyajima Team 148 Agent VSCforOneShot yes no no
17Takayama Team 149 Shochan yes no no
The following agents were submitted to the online competition but were either withdrawn from the official competition or failed to submit the academic report by the deadline.
# Team Name Agent Name Is OneShot?
18 Team 132 SyncAgent yes
19 1 participant Plus1Agent5 yes
20 Team 141 Agent 20159 yes
21 Team 133 AgentS Fork yes
22 Team 146 Agent 20165 yes
23 Team 136 AgentA Fork yes
24 Team 130 Agent 20131 Fork yes
25 Team 138 Agent 20147 yes


  • 2023.05.15 The list of finalists was published in our official website
  • 2023.05.01 We extended the deadline for agent submission to May 3rd which is the same as the deadline for report submission. Moreover, we reopened initial submission for participants who would like to create new accounts for their agents.
  • 2023.04.26 The date for ANAC 2023 is now decided (Thursday June 1st 2023). Students are now able to register for "Competition Only" allowing them to attend ANAC. It's currently £250 and will become £300 from 15 May. The registration provides one full day on Thursday. You can attend the poster session in the main hall and access coffee etc but cannot attend main conference talks. It's only valid for Thursday. This option is not specified in the table yet but while registering, you will see this option. AAMAS 2023 registration website.
  • 2023.3.8 New versions of NegMAS (0.9.8), SCML (0.5.6) and SCML-AGENTS (0.3.0) are released and new versions of the code templates are now available. Please upgrade to this version.
  • 2023.3.6 There will be a travel scholarship for students to attend the ANAC session to be held in conjunction with AAMAS. For being eligible to apply for this scholarship, you should participate in at least one of the leagues and submit your agent on time. You need to fill in this form till 1st of April, 2023
  • 2023.3.6 Extending the submission deadline to May 1st.
  • 2023.3.6 You can access the videos and slides from some of last year's winners here
  • 2023.1.8 ANAC 2023 is a go now. You can start submitting to the SCML online competition starting today.
  • 2022.8.22 Getting started for SCML 2023. Check again in a couple of months.

This is the home of the Supply Chain Management League (SCML) one of ANAC 2023 leagues

The main motivation behind the SCM league is to increase the relevance of automated negotiation research by focusing on real-world scenarios that are characterized by situated negotiations, and complex dynamic utility functions.

The agent needs not only decide how to negotiate in a predefined single negotiation session, but when to join negotiations, and how to coordinate the behavior of its negotiators across multiple concurrent negotiations.

It is highly recommended to register your interest in the league by registering to this website by June 8th (No need to upload an agent by that time). It is mandatory to upload a preliminary version of the agent by June 8th

The live competition is run using fewer configurations than the official competition to facilitate faster feedback when submitting new agents. This may lead to different results in the official competition.

Changes from SCML 2022

Standard and collusion tracks have no changes. The Oneshot track has a single change in the way price ranges for negotiations are calcualated. In 2023, the price range will be much smaller (only two consecutive values) which means that the score of the agent will be almost insensitive to prices of agreements but only on the ability to match its supply and demand. See the full description for more details.

Getting started and getting help

  1. The first thing you need to do is to read the game overview for the track you plan to submit to. You can check this year's rules for the one shot track and/or the standard/collusion tracks.
  2. If you are not registered here, do so to received updates and be able to submit your agents later here.
  3. After deciding which track(s) to participate in, check there detailed description ( OneShot or Standard/Collusion).
  4. Next, Check the tutorials. You can find video tutorials and consult the documentation and we are happy to see you joining the discussions.
  5. Next, Download the appropriate skeleton (OneShot or Standard/Collusion) and test it. You will find a full description on how to do that in the README as well as the docstring on top of in the skeleton .
  6. Happy hacking :-) If you have any questions, bug reports, feature requests, etc, you can open an issue on the SCML GitHub page



Important Dates (GMT)

Registration (Optional)April 30th
Travel SupportApril 1st
Preliminary SubmissionJune 8th
Last Online TournamentJune 9th
Final SubmissionJune 10th
Report SubmissionJune 17th
Finalist AnnouncementJuly 1st
Winner AnnouncementJuly 26th